The Judas Conspiracy

The Judas Conspiracy



  For over half a century, there has been much speculation surrounding the death of

President John F. Kennedy.


  Many theories have been expounded, some credible, some perhaps not so. Now, for the

first time, previously undisclosed intelligence can be revealed which casts new, and

possibly even definitive light on this issue.

  Written in the form of a novel, this work takes the reader on a voyage of discovery,

as an ill-conceived practical joke perpetrated by a fourteen-year-old schoolboy eventuates

into a shocking realization, and the world as he knows it will never be the same again.

The Judas Conspiracy 

In the Spring of 1967, a practical joke perpetrated by a fourteen-year-old teenager

backfires very badly with almost fatal results.


Five years later, as a direct result of this ruse, the culprit,

now a 19-year-old adolescent is recruited by British Special Branch to infiltrate a group of student extremists who are believed to be planning a major terror attack.


Indirectly through his involvement in this potentially horrific strike, he is made aware of one of the most terrifying secrets of the Cold War. It is a revelation so terrible in its potential

consequences that he cannot reveal it for fear of being ridiculed, or worse still, for the possibility that he might actually be believed, and the ramifications its exposure would inevitably bring.


As awful as this intelligence is, worse is to follow as, in trying to rationalize this information, it leads him to fully understand the real reason behind the murder of one of the twentieth century's most charismatic and influential figures - the 35th. President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The adolescent is now a middle-aged man, and has kept these dark and strange facts to himself, but has learned that he is dying, and wants to unburden himself before his time is up.

Others, however, become aware of his intentions, and despite the passage of time, will stop at nothing to prevent him. A killer is sent to silence him, but to the assassin, this is not just another anonymous contract. This is a murderer with a personal score to settle, in the most brutal and sadistic way he can. His quarry discovers that he is being sought, and is now in a desperate race against the clock to reveal what he knows before he can be prevented by natural, or much more sinister causes...

Inspired by real events.

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