About the Author

David Philips was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1953 and emigrated to Perth, West Australia in

2009 with his wife. He has two adult children who still live in Scotland.

David has had several careers including being the anonymous half of a comedy double act with

a mischievous, irreverent keyboard-playing robot called 'Mr. Hairy', and it was always a matter

of some chagrin that the robot continually stole his best lines and got more laughs than he did!

In his spare time, David plays folk harmonica, swears at the T.V. and reads. His favorite authors

are Scottish crime fiction writers, Ian Rankin and Craig Robertson. He is also a big fan of the

conspiracy thriller novels of the late Robert Ludlum.

David also writes short horror fiction and is a regular contributor to Schlock Horror, an online

e-magazine specializing in horror and sci-fi stories.  He has written an anthology of 13 stories of

horror and the macabre, 'The Finest Thread', which is available in various forms of e-book from Smashwords.com. The first three stories from this anthology are available to download FREE by

simply going to 'The Finest Thread' page on this site.

As a further thank you for visiting this website, please visit 'The McBrides' page where you will be

able to download David's hilarious comedy novel set in his home city of Glasgow in 1972.

David's love for all things conspiracy evolved from a chance meeting many years ago with his

former modern studies tutor. During the course of their conversation, his teacher revealed some

startling information regarding the U.S. military's nuclear strategy in the event of a third world

war.  His tutor swore him to secrecy, an obligation he has honored for over fifty years. Thus was

born David's first novel, The Judas Conspiracy, published by Black Rose Writing in September 2022.

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Since then, he has written a further three conspiracy novels all set against the backdrop of WWII, involving actual historical events and real personalities from the period. His second book, The Errol Flynn Conspiracy, was published by Black Rose Writing in March 2023. His third novel, The Duke of Windsor Conspiracy is due to be released, once again by Black Rose Publishing, in March 2024 He is shortly to begin working on his next novel, once again set in and around the period of the second world war.

If you want to know more about David, please write to him at dave@davidphilipsauthor.com or visit his blog page, Writing Upside Down on Medium.com