The Finest Thread.

An Original Anthology of 13 Tales of Horror and the Macabre.  Available on

 You'll Die Laughing.                          A struggling young comedian on the comedy club circuit is desperate for success. He finally achieves his dream but is he willing to pay the price his fame demands? 

Stag Night.                                            A young man is explaining why his wedding has had to be delayed. His fiancée would be horrified if she knew the reason for its postponement.

Diabolus et Prophetiis                      An ancient prophecy is about to be fulfilled, brought to pass by a former priest, whose actions will unwittingly herald the coming of the Antichrist.

Self-Made Man                                  Sexual pleasures at a secret hideaway lead to more than ecstasy when a disgruntled girlfriend accidentally summons a demon of unimaginable horror.


The Final Arbiter                               The Afterlife as you've never imagined it. Good and evil vying for the souls of the newly-departed. Plus a third contender, and this entity you definitely don't want to win.

It's Not a Wonderful Life                A young man wakes up to find that no one knows him, not even his family and friends. Why has he become a non-person, and what is his destiny?

The Outdoor Life                              A group of strangers find themselves at a remote outdoor sports retreat with no memory of who invited them, how they arrived, or why they're there.

A Walk in the Park                           Something strange is haunting an elderly man, an entity he and some friends summoned through a Ouija board years before. Has it now returned to claim its victims?

The Girl Across the Road             A priest sees a young girl he thinks he recognizes, but is she who she seems to be, or  is she someone else entirely, someone sent to test his faith?

One Last Job                                    A career house breaker decides it's time to retire. One last job, then he's done. He should have stopped before now, as this burglary really will be the death of him.

A Bullet to Remember Me By   Where is his little boy, and why is everyone giving this distraught father such strange looks?  And what is the purpose of the gun that has been left on his doorstep?

Conrad                                              Lazy,  dirty, smelly, work-shy, and  indolent, and these are his better qualities, but something strange is about to happen to Conrad. Something he can't quite explain.

Table Stakes Only                        Seven people sit around a table playing a game of high-stakes poker, but money isn't the only currency worth playing for.

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