The Judas Conspiracy

About the Author

   David Philips was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1953, where he lived until emigrating to

Perth, West Australia in 2009 with his wife Adele. He has two grown up children who

still live in Glasgow.

  He has had several careers, including being the anonymous half of a comedy double act

with a mischievous, irreverent, keyboard playing robot called Mr. Hairy, and it was always a matter of some chagrin, that the robot usually stole all his best lines, and got more laughs than he did!

  In his spare time, David plays folk harmonica, swears at the T.V., and reads, anything by Robert Ludlum, the Dover detective novels of Joyce Porter, and the Rebus series of crime thrillers by Ian Rankin.

  David's interest in conspiracies, and the inspiration for this book, developed from a chance reunion many years ago with a former Modern History tutor. During the conversation, the teacher shared some information he had come across which detailed America's nuclear strategy in the event of a Third World War, and how this intelligence led to the assassination of JFK. The source swore him to absolute secrecy, an obligation David has honored for over forty years until now.

Thus was born David's first novel - The Judas Conspiracy